Discovering the great river

The archive’s collection also includes the material from the research “Discovering the great river”, led in 2007. Researchers and students from the University travelled by bike from the source to the mouth of the great river Po, collecting memories and experiences of people living alongside it. Through these memories the archive offers a clear summary of the culture, economy, and extraordinary gastronomic and environmental heritage that distinguish the Po and its valley. This was a research project promoted by the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

Giuseppe Orlandelli

A life sailing the po river

 Interviewed in 2007, Giuseppe Orlandelli, born in 1928, describes his relationship with the river while sailing it. He was born in Cremona; 17 years old he moved to Malagnino where he fell in love for the river and fishing. He explains how he learned to fish and the places where he is used to carry on this activity.

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