Vincent Bernard Roulph



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Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Pontechianale

District: CN

Suburb: Chianale

Altitude: 1796m s.l.m.

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Vincent Bernard Roulph

Date of birth: 12-19-1989
City: Salon de Provence (Francia)
Languages: Italiano

Document by: Gianpaolo Fassino, Luca Percivalle
Video by: Luca Percivalle
Created: 10-08-2014

Questo video fa parte del seguente archivio
Festivities and ceremonies

Festivities and ceremonies

The archive contains the results of the research made by the Granaries team to further analyse anthropological issues about the festivity calendar, the cultural exchanges that took place throughout the years and the traditions that first survived industrialization, then globalization. It also investigates phenomena of ethnogenesis that created and recovered, thanks to few enthusiasts, traditions and ceremonies long forgotten, and reinvented them following the philological criteria that sometimes are not completely true to history. Archive realized by the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the University of Eastern Piedmont.

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