Len e Connie Zuga

Storia di vita e di cibo

  Len and Connie Zuga have been interviewed in 2013 by two students from Ohio Wesleyan University.
Mr Zuga comes from a Slovenian family, while his wife is half German and half English-Scottish-Irish, and they both have a strong passion for food and its related culture. During this “chat”, the couple narrates with enthusiasm the peculiarities of their multiethnic family and the influence that had on their everyday lives, but also about the products that characterize those culture.
They explain in details some typical recipes, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving’s ones, but also daily ones, such as the ones the prepare for breakfast.
Len worked for 13 years in US NAVY and this led the family to travel constantly to follow him and this helped to enlarge their knowledge and their passion: they still travel a lot to discover new foods and cultures, always following the maxim “eat as a local”.

Interview information


Connie Zuga

Len Zuga

Profession: Soldier
Languages: Inglese

Document by: Chiara Pisano
Video by: Christopher Fink, Abigail Walsh, John Batchelder, Alyse Marotta, Rebecca Powditch, Zach Ross

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Granaries from Ohio Wesleyan University

Granaries from Ohio Wesleyan University

The archive contains the interviews made by the students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences for the educational project of research that aims to rediscover the gastronomic overviews, the traditional food customs and the main dishes that are a symbol of the county of Delaware. Research promoted by Ohio Wesleyan University.

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