Marny Dilts

Cibo e socializzazione

  During the interviews she narrates about her childhood and youth, explaining how her swiss origins influenced his family’s way to approach food. Culture and socialization are two terms always linked to food my Mrs. Dilts, who narrates also her life as a wife of a Colonel of the National Guard, forced to move constantly to follow her husband; she always used food as a way to know new people and express herself.
In the second interview Mrs. Marny explains and reads some recipes taken from a book she wrote and published in the ‘70s, “I promise you a herb garden”.

Interview information


Marny Dilts

Year: 1930
City: Ohio
Profession: Other
Languages: American English

Document by: Chiara Pisano
Video by: Christopher Fink, Abigail Walsh, John Batchelder, Alyse Marotta, Rebecca Powditch, Zach Ross

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Granaries from Ohio Wesleyan University

Granaries from Ohio Wesleyan University

The archive contains the interviews made by the students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences for the educational project of research that aims to rediscover the gastronomic overviews, the traditional food customs and the main dishes that are a symbol of the county of Delaware. Research promoted by Ohio Wesleyan University.

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