Train, inquire and work on a network

Francesco Casile

Francesco Casile is a nurse, currently retired, who in his professional career

it has given great impetus to the growth of its profession by dealing with training.

The welcoming and supporting family environment in which he grew up strongly influenced the

personality and professional life by helping him to face and overcome the difficulties

meet along the way. In fact, despite the unso positive training experiences

childhood, he cultivated a love for knowledge and shared its fruits. The meeting with

the nursing profession has made him aware of the predominant role of creativity

assistance and the need to engage with both colleagues and other

professionalism working in the network, as well as the indispensable nature of continuing training in this

importance of sharing the knowledge acquired in order to make it a common heritage for the

the profession.

After a long and fruitful professional career, characterized by a crescendo of experience

intense and rewarding, dedicated mainly to teaching as a teacher of ethics

and bioethics, urged his students and colleagues to be creative and proactive, not to

surrender in the face of difficulties, to produce knowledge through research by publishing writings,

culture and stimulus for those who have made care their choice of life.

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Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Torino


Francesco Casile

Date of birth: 01-23-1954
City: Reggio Calabria
School: University
Profession: Nurse
Languages: italiano

Document by: Lidia Laska, Maria Ximena Arias Cucho, Madalina Elena Ciocan, Martina Marino, Stefania Anna Carbonari, Maria Luisa Varricchio
Video by: Andrea Icardi
Created: 11-10-2019

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Knowledge of healing

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