The effort of being a nurse: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Antenori Maria Cinzia

Antenori Maria Cinzia graduated as a nurse in 1984. The interview begins with the personal presentation and the story of her school experience in Val Vigezzo, and then analyzes the motivations that led her to choose this profession, going against the expectations of the family. Her career begins with the medical department, and then devotes herself to the mental health area and underlines what for her are the fundamental aspects of the nurse's figure, such as observational skills, respect for her professional image and communication. Maria Cinzia tells us how she inserted into the dimension of psychiatry through a spontaneous approach; during the interview he focuses on the current consideration of the figure of the nurse by society, between recognition of the role and professional autonomy. Her words reveal tragic events, positive experiences and professional successes that have left a trace within her.

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Knowledge of healing

Knowledge of healing

The archive “knowledge of Healing” was created with the aim of giving space to the narration of the places of healing from a particular point of view: that of the patients and the medical staff. A point of view which differs from the statistical one that official relations use to describe the medical field. This is how we find new stories about how throughout time the relationship between patients and medical staff has changed, how knowledge has helped to bring change by offering the chance to critically revisit the training methods nowadays used.

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