Edoardo Rosso

Cascina "La Gaietta"

Edoardo Rosso, born in 1986, born in Vercelli and raised in "Gaietta", a historic farmhouse a few kilometers from the city, has always breathed the air of the rice fields and with his father Fiorenzo, a well-known artist from Vercelli, runs the farm that produces rice. Edoardo, after having obtained his law degree in Ferrara, retraced his steps by deciding to combine his activity as a lawyer with that of a farmer. What was previously a home environment, the scenario of childhood games, the landscape of maturity, is transformed into a workplace, full of references, of information that require a new sensitivity. The naive and light-hearted gaze of the child on the tractor as a game is gradually refined and transformed: the embankment that was previously a path where you can walk becomes a reference to look at during plowing and harrowing. Edoardo shows a truly marked sensitivity for the landscape enjoyed by his rice fields: trees, bushes, plants and animals are conceived and experienced as resources, as integral parts of his activity as a farmer. Preserving the environment takes on a depth that does not stop at a sterile and generic environmentalist adhesion but is embodied in a militancy that affects both the animals and plants that inhabit the paddy field in the succession of the four seasons and the buildings and artifacts that represent the historical dimension of the his heart landscape. In recent years, the less and less invasive working of the land, the phytosanitary treatments, limited to a minimum for a "conventional" cultivation, bring this company closer and closer to many other small businesses that try to emancipate themselves from the agro-industrial model. "The rice field is a network, it is impossible to think of cultivating it without taking into account the needs of the other. [...] Nothing is yours and yours alone, and your interest must always be reconciled with the interest of the other" says Edoardo, revealing an attitude that opens up to the territory and to all the agents who, in various capacities, act in it. A vision that integrates well with Edoardo's commitment within the Vercellese Rice Road Association, a subject that collects and makes a productive dialogue between various categories active in the rice world: restaurateurs, tourist guides, irrigation consortia , schools, agricultural producers. A multifaceted personality, full of ideals that gradually tries to transform, through a holistic gaze, into concrete projects.

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Rice stories

Rice stories

Food is a fundamental resource for man and his health, both through the supply of nutrients and the ability to embody traits of human culture that play a leading role in our well-being.

Over time, each territory has built original ways in which to relate to the fruits of its land, enriching them with rituals, symbolic meanings and culinary customs. Much of these relationships have been lost following the years of the economic boom, with the exodus from the countryside to urban centers, with the advent of agriculture for mass production and ultimately with the globalization of markets and the consequent impoverishment of the heritage of biodiversity and ethnodiversity.

The purpose of this archive is to collect evidence relating to the main rice production area in Europe, that is the Po Valley, and to investigate, through the analysis of textual sources and testimonies collected in the field, both what survives of this heritage, and the ways in which which has evolved and reached us, paying particular attention to the explicit and implicit links that bind food and health.

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