The white truffle

The archive investigates white truffles, known for their taste and frivolous aspects, but not for their cultural characteristics which plasmed generations of truffle hunters. The research presents a substrate of knowledge documented through dozens of interviews: historical and anthropological elements, rituals and myths on this prized fungus, still considered nowadays a nocturnal mystery. The project was promoted by the University of Gastronomic Sciences, l’Athe National Association “Città del Tartufo”, the national centre for truffle research and the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation.

Roberto Bovetti

25 years of experience

 Marco Bovetti, born in 1974, is a truffle hunter active for 25 years in the Upper Langa.

In the interview he traces his history as a truffle hunter, explaining the origin of this activity that complete its work within his farm. At the basis there was an apprenticeship with his uncle.

In this story, he describes the bond with the dog: a fundamental element for the search, the difficulty of training and character of dogs.

Bovetti has elements of folklore tied to truffle, stressing that "3 C"are fundamental for the search: Cane (dog), Costanza (constance), and Cù (luck). 

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