The Granaries of Memory at Terra Madre 2016

Memories of traditional food made innovative

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto comes out for the first time from the walls of “Lingotto” to occupy the squares, gardens, courtyards, the most beautiful buildings of Turin and present to the public the most important international event dedicated to food culture. The event numbers are mind-boggling with over 900 accredited events: workshops and practical activities, film screenings, forums, as well as a huge trade show with exhibitors from the five continents who bring their colors, flavors and traditions of craftsmanship.

A wealth of knowledge that the Granaries of Memory will try to collect through the testimonies of those who, for various reasons, embody food production often economically marginal, occasionally of subsistence and in danger of extinction. Two video-recording stations, five operators and a dozen student volunteers will be working for the Granaries of Memory during the event. We will be in the area of the Parco del Valentino, in the Galileo Ferraris Institute, to collect the voices of the leaders of the new international Slow Food Presìdia and indigenous communities distributed worldwide. A second station will be located in “Torino Incontra” with the aim of interviewing the managers of the new Italian Slow Food Presìdia and the most authoritative representatives of the agri-food companies, gathered in the business area Food Mood.

At the stand of the University of Gastronomic Sciences there will be a corner dedicated to the Ark of Taste and the Granaries of Memory. A reference point where you can ask questions about our activities and report people who can enrich our extraordinary narrative of biodiversity and ethnodiversity, products and producers.

Schedule of the Granaries of Memory at Terra Madre 2016

The Granaries of Memory will also be at the center of important cultural events; Here we point out some, and invite you to consult the event website - - for further information.
Thursday 22nd

h 13.30: UNISG stand, film broadcast, made by the students of the course in anthropology, focusing on the narrative of products and companies in the agri-food industry.

h 14.00: Palazzo Nuovo, the conference "Cibus vivendi - How to study food from a humanistic point of view: philosophy, education, communication."

h 18.00: Parco del Valentino, opening of the photo exhibition "Hungry for work”. Stories of workers’ gastronomies ".

Friday 23rd
h 12.00: Sala Giunta della Regione Piemonte, "The culture of the White Truffle of Alba: heritage of humanity."

Saturday 24th

h 16.00: Piazza Castello, Calabria Region stand, presentation of the book "People without borders".
Sunday 25th
h 13.30: Torino Esposizioni, Sala Gialla, "The knowledge of the world saved by the Ark of Taste and the Granaries of Memory."
h 14.30: Torino Incontra, “Food and Innovation”

Monday 26th
h 15.00: Torino Incontra, Sala Sella, “Food memories: festivities and productive calendars"

To receive information – UNISG stand, Parco del Valentino. Managers Gianpaolo Fassino, Michele Fontefrancesco.

Video station 1 - Torino Incontra, Via Nino Costa 8. Manager Luca Ghiardo.

Video station 2 - Galileo Ferraris Institute, Corso Massimo d'Azeglio, 42. Manager Luca Percivalle.

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