Between doing and being

Silvana Fornasiero

Ms. S. Fornasiero is a CPSE and works at the City of Health Hospital in Turin. In this interview she retraces with attention and reflection her work path, motivating the choice made at a young age, dedicated to the example by the generic nurse mother, to the whiteness of her uniform, to the sweetness and smiles she dispensed to her children as well as to patients.

The strong passion for the critical area has always distinguished her, customizing her work in resuscitation, marrow transplantation, operating room, heli-rescue, ambulance service, without ever losing sight of the relational aspect with the patient adapting it in every specialty. Patient care, according to Silvana, is also made up of looks, contact, love, passion and above all "touch". The patient must be seen holistically and only with knowing how to be and empathy can you be a nurse and work with passion.

In the roundup of memories frequently appears the number "six" defined by her, beautiful, round without edges that coincides with the years of change of her working realities.

Consider the impossibility of splitting work and family life: only with the intersecting of the two can you be a good operator. A fundamental ingredient in work and the use of smile, this is a disarming weapon to overcome fears, it gives tranquility even in a moment of emergency. She reflects on the great theme of therapeutic relentlessness and the choice to accompany her mother at the end of her life within the walls of the house, claiming to have given her a dignity of death. He concludes the interview by quoting his latest and no less important work experience in clinics such as CPSE, where the relationship methods are different and follow up on some very funny dynamics

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Knowledge of healing

Knowledge of healing

The archive “knowledge of Healing” was created with the aim of giving space to the narration of the places of healing from a particular point of view: that of the patients and the medical staff. A point of view which differs from the statistical one that official relations use to describe the medical field. This is how we find new stories about how throughout time the relationship between patients and medical staff has changed, how knowledge has helped to bring change by offering the chance to critically revisit the training methods nowadays used.

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